Why come to the dentist office? We’ll tell you.

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We have been introducing you to our dentists and now we would like to introduce and welcome you to our offices – which are open to anyone seeking dental health.

What does oral health mean? It means limiting or controlling the bad bacteria we all have in our mouths. You – the patient – play the most important role in limiting this bacteria, but we are here to support you in this fight.

There are things we can do in our office that you cannot do at home like:

  • Take X-rays to see what is going on between your teeth
  • Take important bone measurements
  • Diagnose areas that need treatment
  • Fill cavities
  • Perform specialized cleanings

What you can do at home is the most important thing. That means brush two times a day, floss one time daily, and use a mouthwash that kills bacteria and contains fluoride. Most people brush daily but do not floss.

As our dental director, Dr. LaJuan Mountain always says:

“Brushing but not flossing is just like showering, but not washing your armpits. You have to floss to clean in between your teeth because it can be the smelliest part of your mouth if left untouched.”

So it is important that you do your job at home and you see a dentist on a regular basis to allow them to do their job – which is helping you get or keep your dental health.


Saving children’s teeth – a team effort

They say it takes a village to raise a child. So why not use a village to help educate parents and children to the importance of oral health?

We already know it’s a problem. Tooth decay is the No. 1 chronic disease facing children in America. Nearly 1 in 4 children between the ages of 2-5 have had tooth decay. And two-thirds will have had a cavity by their teens.

And we know that there’s something you can do – by making a donation as small as $25, you’re getting toothbrushes into the hands of 10 kids. 

But what then? That’s the question that’s been plaguing experts and people invested in children’s dental care. And one that’s honestly been driving me a little bit nuts since I started seeing the work our Kids Against Cavities program does.

You’ve seen the numbers. You’ve been asked to help. But how do we break the cycle and bring about change? Continue reading

Let’s talk facts about children’s dental health


LaJuan Mountain, our York dental director, was one of three dentists working on 93 children at VIDA Charter School in Gettysburg recently. Kids are screened for problems and notes are sent home with the goal of getting these kids into a dental home with routine, preventative care.

We’ve shown you our numbers – that out of 1,887 York County kids, our Kids Against Cavities staff found 2,351 cavities in 2015.

In our second Pre-K Counts visit of 2016, we screened 27 kids and found 87 cavities. In an hour and a half last week, we screened 93 kids at VIDA Charter School in Gettysburg.

We hope these numbers shock you. And then we ask you to help. With just the donation of $25, you can get 10 kids toothbrushes and toothpaste. 10 kids. Last week, I saw more than 10 kids who straight up told me they did not brush their teeth. Many said they didn’t have time. Maybe they just forget. One third grader told me her sister threw her toothbrush out and her parents hadn’t bought a new one.

They wouldn’t buy her a new toothbrush – something you could get at the dollar store. It’s something that just blows my mind because brushing my teeth twice a day is something my parents have always taught me. Many of the people I’ve talked to about our Kids Against Cavities program agree and are just as flabbergasted. And yet, grateful that it’s something we just grew up doing. We were taught it was important. Continue reading

Kids Against Cavities takes oral health to Adams County


Today, our Kids Against Cavities went somewhere it’s never been before – Adams County!

Our staff visited kids at VIDA Charter School to provide mandated school screenings. Also, the school decided to bring us kids who, according to their paperwork, did not have a dental home or hadn’t visited the dentist in more than 6 months.

Some even admitted that they’d NEVER been to a dentist. And we’re talking about kids up to 6th grade. We are working to change that.

The goal? To check on the status of their teeth AND encou20160204_084705rage follow-ups and routine care. Papers go home with the kids whose parents can indicate they already have a dentist or ask for help in getting their kid into a dental home – maybe the Family First Health Gettysburg office perhaps!? Continue reading

Filling a dental need


Who loves teeth as much as this guy? We do.

I just wanted to share something with you guys that really reminded me of the good work that’s done here.

I was checking on other dentist offices in the Hanover-Adams County area that accept Medicaid patients. There are a LOT of dentists in Hanover-Adams. A lot. Only two in the whole area do accept Medicaid – and one of them is Family First Health.
Why? Well, Medicaid doesn’t really offer a lot to dentists who accept in terms of reimbursement. So it’s easier and more cost efficient for many to just say no. Many offices offer other payment plans for potential patients. Here, we do both.

We treat the whole patient at Family First Health – from your head to your toes and yes, inside your mouth. Because a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy you.

Checking for other Medicaid options in the area was a frustrating experience. Say you’ve got a tooth in serious pain – I can’t imagine checking with as many places that I did today.

So don’t give up, patients. Here at Family First Health, we want to help you and your teeth.

Come and see us at our three sites that offer dental services – York, Hanover and Gettysburg. We also take our dental tools into the schools to reach kids where they learn and get them started on good oral care.