Free vision screenings come to York County

We hear a lot of talk about making sure children are fed so they can focus in school. Same goes for making sure they’re taken care of when it comes to medical and dental appointments.

But one thing that might be under the radar is vision. As a child, I never had problems seeing the blackboard during class, but I often had headaches. So we got my vision checked just to be sure that wasn’t the case.

For some kids, maybe they don’t understand why they’re struggling in class. Maybe the misbehave in the back because they can’t see the board. And maybe they don’t know that it’s a sight problem.

And many people don’t have vision insurance for themselves – much less their kids. Let’s be honest, having vision insurance as an adult doesn’t really do much – since glasses and contacts are still costly and over what you get for your annual payments.

Thanks to Envolve, Family First Health is working to change this for many York County residents by bringing in a mobile vision van.

This van will visit Hannah Penn school on Friday, April 1 and will be at Delta/Peach Bottom Elementary on Saturday, April 2. In York, the visit will be for CHILDREN only. In Delta, for the entire community.

So what will happen? Everyone will undergo a free vision screening. If it’s determined from that screening that you need a more comprehensive eye exam, you’ll step onto the van where you’ll get that (also for free). And if you need glasses, you’ll pick out a frame and in three weeks your very own pair will arrive at home (also FREE).

So far, we’ve been getting some great support spreading the word and hope to keep our volunteer doctors busy the entire time they’re in York County. Please help us spread the word!


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