WOW card winners for November

wowcardDid you know that at Family First Health we have “WOW” cards?

It’s a chance for staff to nominate other employees who they see doing something the exemplify our guiding principals.

What are our principals you may ask:

“Patient Centered” – “Respectful” – “Serves Everyone” – “Fiscally Responsible” –  “ Continuous Improvement and Innovation” – “Integrity” – “Collaborative”

Not only does the employee, supervisor and CEO get to see who’s WOWing who in the office, but each month, a drawing done by HR will choose the winners of 3 $50 Giant gift cards.

Lori Allman – PCT, LPN – George Street Center

Lori was nominated by Leslie Andino, Medical Reception Lead at George Street who wrote:

Lori consistently works with a positive attitude and smile. I can call her 20 times in a day and each time she helps me without hesitation. Her energy helps boost morale with co-workers and she strives to put others first!!!

Kim Dettinger – Dental  Reception – George Street Center

Kim was nominated by the  Dental Reception Team that wrote:

Kim worked exit all week and did so with total accuracy. Great job!  Kim has been so helpful and patient while we have been short-staffed. She is always jumping in to make sure the work gets done. Great teamwork!          

Pat Wileman – PCT, MA – Gettysburg Center

Nominated by Dr. Catherine Mauss – Gettysburg Center, who wrote:

Pat worked hard on emptying the staff bucket and getting us caught up. Thank you!!


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