Staff-wide help to build a home

Look at all the stuff we have so far, and it's just beginning!

Look at all the stuff we have so far, and it’s just beginning!

Remember the story about Sarah – the Caring Together patient whose birthday was made when staff surprised her with a night in a king-sized bed at a hotel? 

Well, the staff continues to go above and beyond for her. Let’s get caught up.

Sarah continues to be resilient and brave about her recent HIV diagnosis and health battles. Case manager Carrie Prowell said:

“She makes me proud everyday with her determination to ‘be just fine’ for her girls,  and her story is truly nothing less than inspirational.”

The family is currently living in a crowded one bedroom apartment without a bed (hence the birthday surprise), but as of Jan. 1, they’ll be moving into a new three-bedroom apartment!

The problem is that the family has no household items.

You probably won’t be surprised that the minute Carrie shared this story, Shannon McElroy (her boss) and Courtney Lewis (director of development) started collecting things to bring in. Of course, Carrie did, too. Word spread to Sue Posey (practice manager at the George Street Center) and she started bringing in items.

Some of her staff noticed and asked what she was doing. Now they want to be involved!

Carrie has put together a list of things the family needs and collections are rolling in. The problem now might be where to store them.

Wish list

Coffee maker, filters, coffee,

Blender/Bullet- Needed for her dietary shakes

Handmixer, mixing bowls, storage containers

Oven mitts

Pots and Pans, baking sheet, sauce/boiling pans, skillets, etc.


Shower: curtain, liner, shower rack, shampoos, conditioner, soaps, etc.

Bath towels, toothbrush holders, soap dish/dispenser

Lamps – bulbs

Bedclothes – needed for a queen size and two twin sized beds. (New or barely used, use your judgement) Sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, etc.

Clothes- Daughters are age 12 and 13. One is a juniors 10-12 pants, size medium juniors tops; Other is women’s size 9 pant, medium-large tops.

Bigger stuff: End tables, dressers, rugs, coffee table, stands, storage-like bins (3 tier pullout-like), queen size bed, two twin sized beds (or if you know of any good deals).

What we currently do have is one twin set bedding blanket, dish towels and potholders, cups, plates, mugs, kitchenware such as spatulas, ladles, etc., bathroom trashcan and rug, and a couple towels, toaster, microwave, kitchen clock, tv, small end table, smaller “throw-like” blankets.


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