Going the EXTRA mile for your health

PrintLying back in the chair as the dentist looked in his mouth, Greg Conrad had his headphones on and turned up as his hands gripped the armrests. He gets scared and nervous easily, but whenever the dentist asks how he’s doing, he’s quick with a thumbs up. It’s been a long journey for the 26 year old who is mentally delayed, his mother, Sherri said. In more ways than one.

Greg had his first caps and crowns down when he was 2 years old. He was born with bad teeth, Sherri said. The older he got, the more he’d “forget” to brush twice a day. Then add the junk food, sodas and smoking. He was in pain for years before they were able to get insurance for him. There were trips to the emergency room for antibiotics and pain meds, and that would hold things off until the next time. “He suffered for so long with no insurance,” she said.

Back in January, Greg got insurance and needed a dentist in his network. He found his way to Family First Health and Dr. LaJuan Mountain. Since then, he’s been a regular patient. Almost a little too regular for his taste. Greg and his mother make the drive from Delta every two weeks for a visit — it used to be once a week. Dr. Mountain wants to do a few teeth at a time to keep from causing Greg too much pain.

Since he’s been coming to Family First, Greg hasn’t been complaining of any pain. There are still two teeth to take out, and his lower teeth to work on, but overall, they’re feeling very positive. “The sooner you start going to the dentist, the better,” she said. And hopes are that the lifetime of dental issues will wrap up by the time winter weather hits so they don’t have to make the hour drive each way to visit so often. Then, it’s up to Greg to remember to brush and floss twice a day. Though Sherri said she’s ready and willing to help with reminders.

Join the Extraordinary Give!

This Nov. 20, join Family First Health as we go the EXTRA mile to get affordable health care to all.

Your donation through Lancaster’s ExtraGive will be matched and will help us get people like Greg the care they need.

Did you know that a donation of only $50 can cover a child’s ENTIRE dental visit?

How to donate

  1. On November 20th, beginning at midnight, visit www.ExtraGive.org from your computer, smartphone, or device (There is an app for iPhone and Android!!) or click this link to go directly to our page: https://extragive.org/#npo/family-first-health
  2. Select Family First Health from the list of community benefit organizations
  3. Make an online, tax-deductible donation (minimum $25) to Family First Health
  4. Give yourself a pat on the pat! High-five your coworker! Share on your social media sites! Encourage your friends and family to do the same! 🙂

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